1. OH MY GOD!!!! :D

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  2. You learn a lot about yourself threw gossip.

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    progress of today

    Did more today. I have no yet decided what way i will color-paint her yet.

  4. weird drawing in the start . im going to try to finish it .i have a rather  lovely terrible habbit of not finishing drawings . O.o

  5. Blood Bath

    Started making a room box .This thing is almost half the height as me. o.O

    Im kind off at a stopping point now .But I’m getting a job here  in a few weeks so Im going to go all out . I’m not good with themes so its just going to be a more traditional looking bedroom :)

  6. Weird and Weirder on Flickr.

    2 of my babies .
    Kira and Anthony

    Fairy Goth Mother Kira 3 on Flickr.

    Re-Faced uped Kira and got a lovely new dress and some other things from a buddy . Kira seems pretty happy with it ^_~



    I keep the respirator I use for faceups and modding handy in case my boyfriend farts.

    Image by BJDConfessions

    I am laughing so hard that I must reblog this! XD

    I don’t know about boyfriends but they really do come in handy for cutting onions, and I guess cutting the cheese as well !

  7. Art Theft


    Saw this thread on DoA this morning:


    There are soo many from people on my flickr as well as here and DoA.

    His facebook has tons of photos:

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    FINALLY Adrian is complete  I finishes casting him about a week ago and finished his wig a few days ago . :3

    FINALLY I have finished casting my boy I made( Adrian) . Considering I had no vacuum chamber he turned out way better than I thought he would. He has some air bubbles and little pieces of dust and junk that got in with the resin as i was mixing it but I’m 100% happy how he turned out .