I had a tea party with Ophelia. She wanted to tip over the sugar jar. The bow is nice.

having a chilean rose hair at a tea party should be standard, i love the bow!

My reaction to this.
"Aww cute miniatures. Look at the…KILL IT WITH FIRE!"

Excuse you.

That is my precious baby. She is a pet, and therefore my family. Do you have a dog? A cat? Bird or gerbil? How would you feel if I killed it with fire?

Seeing “Kill it with fire” on a picture of my little girl seriously breaks my heart and makes me nauseous. Please be considerate and think for a moment before you put homicidal words on a picture of someone’s pet.

I think your baby girl is perfect!! Don’t let peoples rude comments get you down <3 . I have a Rose hair ,a Pink Toe and, many dollhouse miniatures . You Sr. have inspired me !!!! :D

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It seams I have acquired another tarantula a Rose Haired tarantula to be specific . Now to think of names.

Rosie!! :P

Thats what every one names them lol. I’m hoping it is a lady so I can name her Miss. FuzzyBuns to go with my Mr.FuzzyBuns . Unfortunately there would be no baby FuzzyBunses because there a different type .



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  1. Have you ever modded a doll? If so, explain what you did and why!
  2. Do you do your own faceups? Would you like to?
  3. Do you give your dolls characters/backstories? Please feel free to share a few!
  4. Choose one of your favorite dolls that someone else owns and tell me why you like them. Don’t forget to credit the owner!
  5. If you could only own one doll, what sculpt would it be?
  6. Do you sew for your dolls? If so, tell me about it! If not, would you like to?
  7. Share a little about the next BJD you’re planning on getting.
  8. Are you going to Dollism? (I want to meet you all! :D)
  9. How many dolls do you own/want to own?
  10. Do you prefer white skin, tan skin, normal skin, or other skin tones?
  11. What is your favorite color?


1. I have modded quite a few . My most recent which was a few years ago was my CP EL .I just modded his nose and eyes bit: I sanded down his nose and slightly opened his eyes. My minifee El got a similar nose mod, and his eyes were made smaller with a bit of epoxy.

2. Yes I do! I do all my own faceups, and I take commissions as well ;) 

3. All my dolls come from the same universe/town and they all share in the same storyline.

4. I love illusionwaltz Dollzone Cosmo!

5. Dollshe Bermann!

6.Yes, I sew some of their clothes, like tripp pants.

7. I plan on getting a Luts Verna, who would be the girlfriend of Vince, my Dollzone Cosmo. 

8. YES! 

9. I own 14 full dolls and 3 floating heads. I want all the dolls!

10. Any natural skintones are cool.

11. Traffic cone orange :D

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I had a tea party with Ophelia. She wanted to tip over the sugar jar. The bow is nice.

OH MY GOD <3 <3 <3

This is it, this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Thanks internet, it’s been fun but I have no use for you now.

Oh dear <3.

Cute and horrifying all at once.

But why do you have all those small chairs and stuff?

My great uncle and aunt were into miniatures or something, and I inherited them when I was a kid. I still had them in storage, and I only found them recently. So I decided to get some pictures with my tarantula. I bought the bow myself. Don’t judge.

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